Acquiring the Taste: Obscure, eclectic, mature discussions only.

Tasteful discussion program, featuring international guests. Topics include Music, Comedy, Film, TV, Prank Calls, Drugs, "The Toilet", Guns, Speedboats, etc.

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#09 - Rattlesnake Compound and the Facility at Montauk with Umop Upisdn


Umop Upisdn, Lion, & Salv discuss snakes, reptiles, ticks, drugs, and more.

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#08 - UFO Encounters, 9/11 and Collapse EP with Fred & ET


Fred & ET pm to chat.

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#07 - AQT Podcast vs EXP Podcast


Spiral and Andihow of the EXP-Weirdshit-Novelty Podcast join Theo and Salv for a pre-ID4 session. God Bless America you sons of bitches!

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#06 - Tales from the Head Shop w/ Lion


Discussions on my time at the head shop

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